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Accessing Information on MT’s Animals, Plants, and Biological Communities Webinar-May 26th!

Accessing Information on MT’s Animals, Plants, and Biological Communities  Thursday, May 26th 12pm MST-Register here Presenter: Bryce Maxell from Montana Natural Heritage Program Information managed by MTNHP includes taxonomy, biology, ecology, and conservation status information for nearly 8,000 plant and animal species and nearly 150 terrestrial and aquatic communities, nearly 1.7 million animal observation records, […]

Accessing Groundwater Information Webinar-May 12th!

Accessing Groundwater Information  Thursday, May 12th 12pm-Register here Presenter: Jeremy Crowley from Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology One of the major components of MBMG (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology) work is the Ground Water Information Center (GWIC), which is an online database containing nearly 300,000 well, 2,600 spring, and 950 long-term groundwater monitoring […]

Webinar on the Montana Water Information System-April 28th!

Overview of the Montana Water Information System Thursday, April 28th 12pm MST-Register Here Presenter: Troy Blanford from Montana State Library The Montana Water Information System (WIS) organizes water-related information from multiple state and federal agencies and makes it discoverable from one starting place. The WIS makes high quality data on surface water, groundwater, water rights, […]