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MWCC Committees

Board Committees:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) provides organizational oversight and guidance on behalf of the MWCC board of directors. This committee oversees the implementation of MWCC’s policies and provides continuity between the Executive Director and the board of directors. The EC discusses organizational needs and prepare agendas for quarterly board meetings and may also help manage high-level issues that arise. The EC will communicate regularly with the ED and assist with duties as necessary. 

  • Support the Executive Director (ED) 
    • Assist with board development and on-boarding of new board of directors 
    • Work with the ED to ensure policies are adequate and oversee implementation 
  • Represent the board at large 
    • Make decisions in the interim, as necessary 
    • Communicate information to the board in conjunction with the ED 
  • Board meeting development and facilitation 
    • Plan quarterly board meetings and coordinate agenda material with the ED 
    • Facilitate and attend board meetings
  • Zach Owen (MWCC Chair), Beaverhead Watershed Committee
  • Michelle McGree (MWCC Vice-Chair), Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks
  • Tana Nulph (MWCC Secretary), Big Hole Watershed Committee
  • Wayne Gardella (MWCC Treasurer)
  • Ethan Kunard (MWCC Executive Director)


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee assists the Board of Directors of the Montana Watershed Coordination Council to fulfill its responsibilities on matters that relate to governing the organization, identifying board candidates and making recommendations to the Board Directors, and measure the quality of performance of the board as a whole and of individual board members

Evaluate Board composition and identify the current and future needs of the organization to ensure that the Board has the necessary diversity, perspectives, experience, skills, maturity and judgment to effectively pursue their duties in planning and oversight.

  • Lead and facilitate periodic board self-assessments to ensure superior board performance and overall trust in effectiveness.
  • Review the Board’s individual Board Directors at the end of each of their board terms as part of the re-election process to ensure that they continue to have the appropriate skills and engagement level to continue serving on the Board.
  • Make recommendations to the Board about the criteria and qualifications that they deem appropriate for election as Board Directors.
  • Recruit, identify and interview candidates for potential Board Directors that meet the identified criteria for election to the Board.
  • Make nominations to the Board for qualified individuals as Board Directors.
  • Eric Trum (Committee Chair), Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Sarah Bates, National Wildlife Federation
  • Mike Koopal, Whitefish Lake Institute
  • Autumn Coleman, Montana DNRC


Program Committees:

Water Committee

The MWCC Water Committee is a group of technical water professionals who serve MWCC and the broader Montana watershed community. As a committee, we strive to connect watershed organizations, agencies, and the MWCC board with the best available water resource information and science. We consult with the MWCC board, committees, and staff on technical water topics, project development, and implementation efforts. We also manage several workgroups, including the Water Activities Work Group (WAWG), as well as the Monitoring and Groundwater workgroups, both of which existed in the past and may be reformed (ad hoc) as needed.

  • Regular meetings (4-6 per year in erson or virtual)
  • Technical review of proposals submitted to the MWCC Wtershed fund (as appropriate)
  • Original content development and/or referall of content for the Watershed News and MWCC blog
  • Identification of technical topics and content for MWCC events and rograms includinging: Annual Meeting, Symposium, Watershed Tour, Stewardship Awards, Big Sky Watershed Corps Program, Training, Webinars, etc. 
  • Managing WAWG, which serves as the Water Subcommittee for the NRCS state technical advisory committee (STAC) and provides consultation on watershed selection for the NRCS National Water Quality Initiative
  • Adam Sigler (Committee Chair), MSU Extension Water Quality
  • Mark Ockey, Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Erin Wall, Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
  • Brent Zundel, Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
  • Brett Heitshusen, Montana Department of Agriculture
  • Katie Makarowski, Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Valerie, Kurth, Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
  • Robert Ray


Watershed Fund Committee

The Watershed Fund Committee ensures Watershed Fund investments are fairly and responsibly allocated to local conservation partners through a competitive review process. The Watershed Fund aims to provide a dedicated, consistent, and flexible source of funding to support the capacity and sustainability of watershed groups, enabling them to strategically implement the actions necessary to achieve priority watershed conservation outcomes. The Watershed Fund will allow replication of local conservation actions to scale up watershed success for statewide impact.

The two primary goals of the Watershed Fund are to: 

  • Increase the capacity of local communities to advance community-based, locally led conservation using the Watershed Approach 
  • Provide a model for streamlining, consolidating, and leveraging resources for locally led conservation statewide.
  • Jordan Tollefson, Northwestern Energy
  • Torie Haraldson, Gallatin Local Water Quality District
  • Emily Harkness, Heart of the Rockies Initiative
  • Hannah Jaicks, Future West