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Montana Watershed Coordination Council | P.O. Box 1416 Helena, MT 59624 | info@mtwatersheds.orgClick Here to Sign-up for our Watershed Newsletter

Become a Watershed Member

The Montana Watershed Coordination Council provides tools, funding, resources, and training to facilitate meaningful watershed conservation efforts throughout Montana. Our services provide support to local community groups, while also connecting organizations to a larger network of watershed partners throughout the state. Joining MWCC as a Member allows us to continue providing important resources to groups like yours, while also expanding our service area to support additional watershed communities. Joining as a member allows us to provide the following resources to Montana’s watershed organizations:

  • Funding – The MWCC Watershed Fund provides financial support to groups across the state for project implementation, organizational capacity, and professional development. In 2020, we worked with numerous funders to provide more than $215,000 to 28 communities.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning & Networking – Our events (e.g., Watershed Symposium, Annual Meeting, Watershed Day, Fall Watershed Tour, etc.) connect watershed organizations, landowners, agencies, non-profits, researchers, and funders to create opportunities for learning, networking, and relationship building.
  • Big Sky Watershed Corps Support – For the last 10 years, we have worked with our partners to provide funding, training, and mentoring to members and host sites in the Big Sky Watershed Corps program
  • Information Sharing – Our biweekly Watershed Newsletter contains a collection of statewide highlights related to land and water conservation and provides up-to-date information about funding, careers, events, training, and other topics within the watershed community.
  • Sharing and Promoting Accomplishments – We work with local partners to develop stories and materials (e.g., Watershed Stories, State of the Watersheds Report, etc.) that convey the importance of locally-led watershed conservation efforts and highlight on-the-ground successes.
  • Representing the Watershed Approach – MWCC works with agencies and NGOs at the statewide, regional, and national level to act as a collective voice for locally-led approaches to conservation in Montana – promoting the importance of our state’s watershed organizations.

Additional Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to discounts for MWCC training, conferences, and events (e.g., Capacity-Building Training, Annual Meeting, Symposium, etc.)
  • $20 off your annual membership with the Montana Nonprofit Association (contact Tylyn Newcomb at for details)
  • Access to exclusive discounts on outdoor clothing, gear, more through ExpertVoice.

Annual Membership Cost:

$50 – Annual Operational Budget is <($50,000)
$100 – Annual Operational Budget is ($50,000 – $100,000)
$250 – Annual Operational Budget is >($100,000)


If you have questions, please contact Ethan Kunard at or (406) 475-1420.