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MWCC Resource Library

Biological Information MT Natural Heritage Program Comprehensive resources and information about Montana's ecologyClick Here
Biological Information, Mapping & GIS MT Natural Heritage Program Map ViewerInteractive map viewer with land management and natural resource map layersClick Here
Climate Impacts & ForecastingMontana Drought Indicators DashboardA compilation of real-time drought indices including: Snowpack, Precip, Temp, Soil Moisture, and Drought MetricsClick Here
Climate Impacts & ForecastingNational Drought Mitigation CenterEducation, monitoring, and planning resources related to droughtClick Here
Climate Impacts & ForecastingMontana Climate AsessmentA guide to inform climate related planning efforts and actions for Montana's forests, waters, and agricultural producersClick Here
Community ResiliencyHeadwater Economics Research on Equality in Rural CommunitiesEconomic and equality research providing data and tools to help communities direct resources to the people and places that can benefit the mostClick Here
Conservation EasementsConservation Easements: 20 Things Everyone Should KnowA guide providing a general overview of conservation easements in MontanaClick Here
Drinking WaterMontana DEQ's Drinking Water ResourcesA suite of resources offered by the Montana DEQ on drinking water quality and source water protectionClick Here
Drinking WaterMontana DEQ Water Quality ResourcesInformation about water quality standards and regulations in Montana, including data, reports, other resourcesClick Here
Drinking WaterMSU Extension's Well Educated ProgramEducational resources for groundwater quality and well/septice maintenance Click Here
DroughtCSU Drought Planning Training SeriesA virtual training series on drought planningClick Here
DroughtResilience Strategies for DroughtThis fact sheet overviews strategies for helping communities become more resilient to drought, including a list of tools to help communities evaluate the costs and benefits of resilience strategies.Click Here
DroughtDrought Resilience and Water ConservationEPA technical brief on drought and water conservation strategiesClick Here
Forestry & WildfireFire Adapted Community ResourcesResources for communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfire.Click Here
Forestry & WildfireWildfire Adapted Missoula StoryMapInteractive StoryMap describing collaborative wildfire planning and implementation efforts around the Missoula communityClick Here
Forestry & WildfireConifer Removal Resources and Management ToolsGuides and management tools for conifer removal in sagebrush habitatClick Here
Forestry & WildfireMontana's Forestry Assistance ProgramsResources on management practices, funding, education, and collaboration assistanceClick Here
Forestry & WildfireMontana Forest Action PlanThe Montana Forest Action Plan serves as the all hands, all lands plan for addressing forest health and wildfire risk issues across all forested lands in the state of Montana.Click Here
Forestry & Wildfire, Community ResiliencyThe Economic Costs of Natural HazardsStudies by Headwaters Economics looking at the impacts of wildfires, floods, and climate change on communitiesClick Here
Forestry & Wildfire, Drinking WaterProtecting Drinking Water at the SourceA guide to working with the US Forest Service on source water protectionClick Here
Forestry & Wildfire, Drinking WaterSource Water Protection through Forestry PartnershipsResources and trainings for people and organizations working to protect sources of drinking waterClick Here
Invasive SpeciesMT Fish Wildlife and Parks AIS ResourcesGeneral information about aquatic invasive species management and prevention in MontanaClick Here
Invasive SpeciesMontana Invasive Species CouncilEducational information, resources, and funding to manage and control invasive species in MontanaClick Here
Invasive SpeciesMontana Weed Control AssociationInformation and resources for managing noxious weedsClick Here
Low-Tech Process Based Restoration, Stream & RiparianLow-Tech Process-Based Restoration of Riverscapes Design ManualA comprehensive design manual to guide low-tech process based restoration of riverscapesClick Here
Low-Tech Process Based Restoration, Stream & RiparianLow-Tech Process-Based Restoration of Riverscapes (Pocket Field Guide)A condensed field guide for low-tech process-based restoration of riverscapesClick Here
Low-Tech Process Based Restoration, Stream & RiparianIntroductory Process-Based Restoration ModulesA series of educational modules introducing low-tech process-based restoration methodsClick Here
Low-Tech Process Based Restoration, Stream & RiparianMWCC Low-Tech Process-Based Riverscape Restoration Virtual Workshop GuideOne-page guide to navigate the virtual workshop modules for Utah State University's low-tech process-based restoration resourcesClick Here
Mapping & GISMT State Library GISA clearinghouse of GIS data for the state of MontanaClick Here
Mapping & GISMontana CadastralInteractive map viewer of land management and land ownership in MontanaClick Here
MonitoringVolunteer Monitoring Planning Catalogue Key considerations for each step of planning a successful monitoring project and highlights key resources available to help you.Click Here
MonitoringMontana's Water Monitoring Program DirectoryAn inventory of water monitoring programs active in Montana. Search for programs based on type of monitoring, program goals, organization type, etc.Click Here
MonitoringWater Monitoring Resource LibraryAn inventory of resources related to water monitoring. Search for resources based on topic areas, type of resource, etc.Click Here
Recreation & TourismHeadwaters Economics Research on Recreation an Communities Research analyzing the scope and scale of the outdoor recreation economy and how communities can benefit from trails.Click Here
Recreation & TourismInstitute for Tourism and Recreation ResearchAn interactive database for travel and recreation research in Montana, with a primary focus on the nonresident travel survey conducted throughout the state. Click Here
Recreation & TourismOne Montana's "Outside Kind"One Montana's "Outside Kind" program helps encourage responsible recreation in communities through local partnershipsClick Here
Soil HealthMontana Soil Health Strategic Action PlanThe Montana Soil Health Strategic Action Plan provides NRCS a path toward elevated delivery of the soil health principles resulting in healthy, functioning soil as the foundation for all working lands in Montana.Click Here
Soil HealthSoil for WaterResources and information to support farmers, ranchers, and land managers across the United States who are taking steps to catch and hold more water in the soil.Click Here
Stream & RiparianMusselshell Watershed's Two Dot StoryMap - A Guide to Soft Streambank StabilizationArcGIS StoryMap detailing the processes for implementing soft engineering projects on streambanks using willow and soil liftsClick Here
Stream & Riparian, Mapping & GISChannel Migration InformationMaps and resources to inform managers on stream channel migration processesClick Here
Stream & Riparian, WetlandsMontana Freshwater Partners’ In-Lieu Fee ProgramInformation about compensatory mitigation for impacts to Montana wetlands and streams.Click Here
Stream & Riparian, WetlandsA Strategic Framework for Wetland and Riparian Area Conservation and Restoration in MontanaA statewide wetland and riparian management framework (2013-2017)Click Here
Stream & Riparian, Wetlands, Mapping & GISMontana Wetlands InformationData and resources about Montana's wetlandsClick Here
Watershed PlanningMontana Stream Permitting GuideA guide on Montana's stream permitting laws and requirementsClick Here
Watershed PlanningWatershed Restoration Planning Guide for MontanaAn introductory guide for developing watershed restoration plans in Montana Click Here
Watershed PlanningHandbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our WatersEPA handbook with guidance for developing watershed restoration plansClick Here
Watershed PlanningIntroduction to Watershed Planning ModulesA series of modules providing a framework for watershed restoration planning - develoed by the EPAClick Here
Watershed PlanningMontana State Water PlanA comprehensive look at Montana's water resource challenges and management opportunitiesClick Here
Watershed Planning, DroughtMontana Drought Management PlanResources on drought management and planning; drought monitoring; and drought idicatorsClick Here
Watershed Planning, DroughtMontana Drought Planning ResourcesA compilation of drought planning and drought monitoring resources for MontanaClick Here
Wildlife Conflict ReductionPeople and Carnivores Tools, Research, and Manuals on Living with WildlifeResources on coexistence with wildlife, such as wolves, bears, and other large carnivoresClick Here
Wildlife Conflict ReductionMontana Beaver Conflict Resolution ProjectInformation about successful beaver conflict resolution in Western MontanaClick Here
Wildlife Conflict ReductionLiving with BeaverA fact sheet about management solutions for nuissance beaver activityClick Here