Watershed Fund Grants Top Section

Watershed Fund Grants Top Section

The MWCC Watershed Fund provides direct support to our community-based watershed conservation partners for capacity-building, professional development, and on-the-ground projects. Our goal is to distribute $1 million from 2018-2022 to help our local partners coordinate and implement natural resource management efforts.

We outline our intended impacts of the Watershed Fund in our theory of change. Two primary goals of the Watershed Fund are to:

  1. Increase the capacity of local communities to advance community-based, locally-led conservation using the Watershed Approach.
  2. Provide a model for streamlining, consolidating, and leveraging resources for locally-led conservation statewide.

Watershed Fund grants are available to community-based, locally led conservation organizations who operate using the Watershed Approach to conservation. This includes watershed groups; conservation, irrigation, and water quality districts; non-profits; forest collaboratives; tribal communities; and tribal government agencies. Federal agencies, state agencies, individuals, and for-profit entities are not eligible. 

MWCC Watershed Funding Opportunities

Capacity Funding

Support for organizational development, sustainability, coordination, project planning, communications, and outreach

Project Funding

Support for implementing on-the-ground projects to benefit natural resources, community health, and local livelihoods

Professional Development Funding

Support for local watershed partners to acquire skills, knowledge, and resources relevant to watershed health in their communities

Big Sky Watershed Corps Funding

Support for local watershed partners to reduce nonpoint source pollution and implement Watershed Restoration Plans by hosting BSWC AmeriCorps members